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Why our products?
- We provide the full source codes - not encrypted, so you or developers working for you can make modifications in them.

- All our prices are one time fee - no annual or hidden fees like for example to remove the "powered by" etc.

- We offer free installation on your hosting and free technical support

- The design can be customized to match your needs and they can be used with different templates

- They are multi-language - it's easy to translate them to new languages (there is a language file) and there are a lot of ready translations available
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The new version 2.0 of WSCreator has been released!
php software multi user cms websites creation Some of the main new features are:
- 82 new templates and improved user sites design management

- new users admin space design (now using the design of the front site) and new dashboard with quick links and information

- new admin panel interface, wider with improved layout and new icons

- improved and easier website structure management

- new WYSIWYG editor for modifying the pages and news content

- password protected / private websites

- improved SEO urls format and meta tags

- user sites top bar

- new Websites page on the front site

- possibility to post comments for the news added by the users

What is WSCreator?
WSCreator (WS standing for WebSite) is a powerful multi users and multi websites creation software written in PHP and using a MySQL database. It allows the users to sign up and to create and customize with ease their personal websites. It comes with multiple features to manage the website structure (add new pages rename or remove the existing ones), add news, see statistics for the websites etc. and also 82 premade user website templates to choose from.

automatic website creation software

WSCreator offers to its users powerful, user friendly and easy to use tools for handling the website structure and content.
For example to manage the website structure, the users see the website structure as a tree and in order to add a new page to the website, they simply need to drag-and-drop the icon for new page to the desired position.
The powerful template and custom tags functionality allows the users to fully customize their website look and feel and use custom HTML templates created by them.
Multiple other functionalities can be found, like for example the custom server side forms allowing the users to create custom forms like Contact pages and others and define the fields in them directly from their admin space and without any source files or other modifications, functionality to put advertisements on their website, create photo albums, customize the design of their website, post news and others.
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