Main WebSite Creator Features

Automatic websites creation

The users can sign up or log in with their Facebook or Twitter account and their sites are created instantly - they can log in and start customizing them, edit the pages, add new ones, post news etc.

Responsive website layout

Adapting front site layout, optimized for mobile devices like tablets and phones

SEO Friendly

Using urls looking like static html pages, keywords in the page titles and descriptions and others to improve the ranking of the website in search engines

Add pages and post news

Functionality in the admin panel allowing the users to add pages to their websites, edit their content, post news and others.

Multi language

Using a language file, which can be easily translated to new languages. Ready translations are also available, contact us for details.

Pricing plans management

Functionality for the administrator to create different pricing plans - free and paid with different features and charge fees to the website users

Photo Albums

Functionality allowing the users to create photo albums on their sites

Template based

The front site design is template based, the templates can be customized and also new custom ones can be added

Different front site sections like Recent Listings, Top Rated and others

The different sections / pages on the front site like Recent Listings, Top Rated, Most Popular, Recent Reviews allow the visitors of the website to review quickly for example the top rated companies etc.

Integrated Setup Wizard

The integrated setup wizard makes easy the installation on your server or hosting package; we also offer free installation on request

Administration panel to manage the configuration options

Manage and set the different configuration options like your own business categories list, time zone, currency, payment settings and others

Facebook Login

Allowing the users to directly login with their Facebook account and skip the registration

Advertisements Management

The administrator can put advertisements like Google AdSense or similar on the user sites and make money from ads

WebSite Content Management

Modify the content of the pages with the WYSIWYG editor

Add New Pages, Remove or Rename the existing ones

Add new pages easily (that will show up in the website navigation menus) directly from the admin panel, set the content you prefer

and many others ... click here to check out our demos

Combine it with some of our other products

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Real Estate Portal
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PHP Classified Ads
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Car Portal
car portal php script

to create multi-user car dealer and auto classified websites
Deals Portal
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