What's New in Version 4.0 of WSCreator

new design and interface of the users admin panel

New design and interface of the users admin panel

The new design and dashboard allows the users to quickly access all the main pages of the user site management panel and customize easily the look and content of their site. The dashboard contains customizable icons / shortcuts linking to the main pages and also a preview of the site and the new site editor with a click to edit function.

new customizable drag-and-drop interface

New customizable drag-and-drop interface

The users can drag items from the main menu to create shortcuts to the pages they use more often, as well rearrange the current icons / shortcuts by dragging them to the new preferred position.

new site editor page

New Site Editor page

The new user site editor shows a preview of the site and allows the users to click easily on the texts to edit them, click on the pages in the main menu to edit their content or click on the logo to replace it with a new one etc. To change for the example the position and order of 2 pages, the user can drag the first page and drop it over the second. Buttons allowing to add new pages on the site or post news are also available.

an entirely new user site pages management page

An entirely new user site pages management page

With the new Site Pages, we tried to make the management of the pages, their hierarchy and content as easy as possible for the user. The new page shows a tree of the current pages on the user site - the user can change the position of the pages, add new pages and edit the page content and page settings by just clicking on a page / icon in the tree.

new home slider functionality

New home slider functionality

This new functionality allows the users to easily create slides and show a responsive slider on the home page of his site.

new improved page for managing the site colors, logo and others

New improved page for managing the site colors, logo and others

The page allows the users to create the colors on their site (and make it blue, green or red) with a single click. It includes also other features for changing the site background, the layout mode of the site and the logo.

new tools section

New Tools section

The new Tools section in the user admin panel includes a page for adding links to social network profiles / pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, News Management, Photo Albums, password protection of the site, page for uploading custom fields and setting advertisements like Google AdSense and similar on the site.

improved advertisements management page

Improved advertisements management page

The user can click on the part of his site (top, right, bottom or left) in which he would like to add advertisements like Google AdSense or similar - a new text box with the code for the advertisements will show up, so the user can paste and save the advertisements code in it. The administrator can also add advertisements on the user sites - the advertisements zones occupied by the administrator will become inactive for the users, so they won't be able to remove or edit the advertisements added by the administrator or add their own advertisements in the same zone.

new design of the main site

New design of the main site

We tried to create and keep the new design of the main site as simple and easy as possible for the users to sign up and create their sites.